Eminence unbridles when you discern your position

Dear Coach, I am the first sibling of four heart broken, all born and bread in a matrimony. We are very hurt by what we have recently found out about the visitor we have recently had. ​​​​​​​ It was very painful to learn that my father has a child out of wedlock and that has sparked some differences amongst us.

My siblings and I have moved out of my father’s yard since we feel very betrayed by this latest development. Our last born has just completed her form five (5) about last year and the half- sibling has also completed his form three (3) which means that he is now our last born. We find this very filthy despite that he is our father because it is proof that he is not faithful to his marriage.

We feel so bad for our mother since she must bear and live with this pain. My mother, I know, she is trying to be strong and save her marriage hence had agreed that the young boy visit us during the school closure. We have never been I formed about him, the visit and everything surrounding this matter but we often host family meetings to mitigate our challenges together but the young boy just popped out of nowhere and we were introduced to him. The expectation, I guess I was that we accept things the way they are but unfortunately we are not willing to do that. Whenever we think or see him, it reminds us of the trust that our father has broken.

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Doctor's orders can't be overemphasised

The walk serves to raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of using treatment to manage seizure attacks.While many are aware that epilepsy is a medical condition that requires specialised care by health practitioners, there are those who, unfortunately, have other ideas about the condition and often deny their children medical care.These individuals usually associate the medical condition with witchcraft and demonic attacks, and choose to...

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