Fissured Tongue

Fissured tongue, also known as lingua plicata, is a benign condition characterized by one or more grooves appearing on the top surface of the tongue.

These fissures can vary in depth, from shallow to deep cracks, and typically run along the length of the tongue. While the exact cause of fissured tongue is unknown, it is a relatively common condition affecting around 5% of the population.

Here's a clinical summary of fissured tongue:

Clinical Presentation:

Usually asymptomatic, meaning most people with fissured tongue experience no symptoms.

In some cases, individuals may experience:

Bad breath (halitosis) due to food debris trapped in the fissures

Burning mouth sensation

Taste disturbances

Physical examination:

Diagnosis is primarily based on visual examination of the tongue.

A healthcare professional will ask about the patient's medical history and examine the tongue, looking for characteristic fissures on the dorsal surface.

Fissures may be shallow or deep, sometimes reaching up to 6 mm. In some cases, the fissures may branch out and create a lobulated appearance on the tongue.


Fissured tongue itself is not a serious condition.

However, the fissures can trap food debris and bacteria, potentially contributing to bad breath.


In most cases, no treatment is necessary for fissured tongue.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential, including brushing the tongue gently and rinsing with mouthwash to remove food debris and bacteria trapped within the fissures.

If bad breath is a concern, a dentist or hygienist can recommend specific cleaning techniques

Source: Dr Aloosh

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