Dear Coach, It has been four months now since I lost my brother in an unusual manner. If you would ask me a year ago if he will still be around by now, I would have affirmed without any hesitation. It is so unfortunate that he succumbed to the monster called death. I personally believe that it was not his time to depart earth at all and he was robbed his amazing life at the age of 24. He was stabbed with a knife during an attack at one big music festival in the country by merciless thugs just for a mere mobile phone. Was it necessary for them to murder him though? Why won’t they just take the mobile phone and spare him his charismatic life? I do not know how to cope with his loss honestly because it came so sudden to us. How do I deal with this especially that the perpetrators are at large? Yours, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved brother. He was very young. It is unfortunate that we all do not know how we are going to leave the phase of earth. Everything in our lives happens successfully because it is ordained and orchestrated by grace and we, unfortunately, do not have any jurisdiction to control it. Grace controls us and allows for things to be. Sometimes, I wonder, who is the ideal person to subdue to pain? What is it that they will probably have that qualifies them to always endure excruciating challenges that other humans do not have? It is wrong to approach matters in such a manner. Let’s change our perception that the departed beings were chosen for promotion to go live in heaven, to be our guardian angels. Therefore, we must accept the fact that life is mysterious and we cannot bank on our assumptions. We must be open minded that life unfolds in a way directed by the universe. Let us accept the event that has occurred and embrace that Grace was upon your brother; it saw the event befitting. He may be gone, but an angel was born in your lives. As for those who committed such a horrible act, we shall commit them to God. He shall address the rest and ultimately justice shall be served. Thugs must really be taken to task for their bad behaviour in strict measures so that we instil fear in them to curb their disgusting behaviour. Be comforted!

Dear Coach, I have been dating this other young lady who goes to varsity and currently on her last year of study. We met at the time I was doing my final semester while she was on her first. We started off very well and we had very defined goals about our individual lives, relationship, education and even about our careers. I was so convinced that I had found a wife also and with time, I will fulfil the ambition I have to be a family man. I got a job after I completed my varsity and honestly, it is not paying lucratively and hence I am often poised with financial challenges and sometimes I can’t extend a helping hand to her in time of her need. I really do my best though to share what I have with her but it is never enough. She recently dumped me because she met a guy who has a better job and drives a nice whip. I know with time I will accumulate such also but she didn’t believe a lot in me. I am so heartbroken and I do not know what to do. Please assist Coach. Yours, Anonymous Dear Anonymous, I think I know what you can do. How about you take a deep breath, pick yourself up and look around, there are so many young beautiful girls alive and many yet to be born.

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