The Establishment Of The Protectorate (Part 7) � Khama�s �magnificent offer�

We left off with General Sir Charles Warren at the then Bangwato capital of Shoshong where his announcement of the Protectorate at a kgotla meeting convened on the 12th of May 1885 was welcomed by Kgosi Khama III, though most of the Bangwato were reported to be privately opposed to the British presence.

The following day, Khama signed a document, drafted by Warren’s accomplice the Rev. John Mackenzie, in which it was stated: “I, Khama, Chief of the Bamangwato, with my younger brothers, and heads of my town, express my gratitude at the coming of the messengers of the Queen of England, and for the announcement to me of the Protectorate which has been established by desire of the Queen, and which has come to help the law of the Bamangwato also. I give thanks for the words of the Queen, which I have heard, and I accept of the friendship and protection of the Government of England within the Bamangwato country.

“Further, I give to the Queen to make laws and to change them in the country of the Bamangwato, with reference to both black and white. Nevertheless, I am not baffled in the Government of my town or in deciding cases among my own people according to custom; but again I do not refuse help in these offices. Although this is so, I have to say that there are certain laws of my country which the Queen of England finds in operation, and which are advantageous for my people, and I wish these laws should be established, and not taken away by the Government of England. I refer to the law concerning intoxicating drinks, that they should not enter the country of the Bamangwato whether among black or white people. I refer further to our law which declares that the lands of the Bamangwato are not saleable. I say this law also is good. Let it be upheld and continue to be law.”

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