Should there be a law against racism in Botswana?

Two weeks back there was a story of racism circulating in the media. The story had its source in one of the lodges in the tourist enclave of Kasane where we learn subsequently one of the lodges won an international award eclipsing all the continental hospitality facilities standing!

An example of theory in practice of the perpetual struggle of the opposites in life? Be that as it may, apparently some Kasane holidaymakers continue to mistake Botswana for the Bechuanaland Protectorate of yore where the expatriate colonial settlers were ruled by one law, Batswana by two laws: one, the native custom and another, the master and servant  law. Tshekedi Khama wasn’t au fait with the distinction. His ignorance landed him in a soup when he had young McIntosh flogged Tswana-style, for committing a native offence in a native country when he was not a native!  

On the eve of independence in 1965, Seretse Kham who was leader of the Botswana Democratic Party, later proudly renamed Domkrag (carjack in the language of Afrikaner bigots) annoyed one of his white sympathisers when he announced Domkrag policy for independent Botswana, whose constitution would be antithetical to apartheid across the border. “Independent Botswana would scorn apartheid, a policy of racial discrimination, it shall not be tolerated…all shall be equal before the constitution,’’ he is reported to have announced at a Lobatse public rally where he was whipping up ecstasy for the transformative event of independence; unaware he was antagonising potential supporters in the audience. Wild cheers of ‘Tsholetsa Domkrag’ (party slogan) contended with sneers of disapproval…

Editor's Comment
CoA brings sanity to DIS/DCEC long-standing feud

This decision follows the raiding of the office of the former Director General of the DCEC, Tymon Katlholo early 2022 and his staff officer by the DIS operatives who reportedly took files that they had targeted.After all back and forth arguments, the CoA has set the record straight giving an invaluable lesson to the DIS that it was no super security organ and it does not have any powers to cogently supervise other security organs including the...

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