Africa Youth Games: It�s here, let�s saviour it and not knock it

I have since realised that in most instances we tend to be negative and we are always quick to condemn rather than support and build. At times we fail to individually interrogate issues and just knock something just because the next person or the media knocked it.

This is however not across and is somewhat of a generalisation based on what I have seen and read in recent times. Everytime another Motswana does something or achieves something we tend to question and be more negative than positive. I could go on and on and give examples, but I guess we all know what I’m on about. And like I just posited, there are exceptions who are always positive and always try to build rather than knock. As Batswana that is the spirit we should have, commend and look for positives before looking for the negatives.

Botswana will in a few weeks host one of the biggest sporting activities in Africa; the Africa Youth Games, aptly dubbed Gaborone 2014. As expected, there have been some milestones, successes, challenges and failures along the way.  The team that has been assembled to organise the games has so far done pretty well, despite the many challenges that they faced. They are not far from the finish line and I’m confident that they will not trip before the finish line. To a ;large extent they have done well to raise funds, they have done well to ensure that all venues are ready, they have done well to ensure that all logistics for team arrivals are on point and they have generally done well to coordinate and plan for the Games. Despite the somewhat little time that they had to prepare for the Games, they have done well and I can confidently say; despite the many challenges, some of which still exist, they have done quite well. So far, so good.

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