Who wears the pants?

There are two awkward moments in the life of any female. The first is a bad hair day, the second, unless you work at a casino cash-in point, would be giving money to a man, any man even your own.

‘Midlife crisis’ is a word we often throw loosely, even carelessly around. The only time I ever use the word is when I am disappointed with myself or with the other person, either way, it is never meant in a pleasant way.  Midlife crisis has long been thought of as something that afflicts men alone and often involves expensive toys and second wives. For local men, it ranges from outrageously tight pants, Inecto Super Black, and in the case of Gaborone, men prowling night clubs every weekend until wee hours of the morning.

Those in the know term midlife crisis as a stressful, even turbulent psychological transition that occurs most often in the late 40s and for some, early 50s. Studies further show that by age 50, even more women than men suffer a turbulent midlife transition, 36.1 percent of women, compared with 34 percent of men.

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Mind your health

They've repeatedly warned that hypertension, or high blood pressure, often termed a chronic lifestyle disease, is a silent killer. It's crucial for everyone to be aware of their health status. Nowadays, many companies host wellness days, offering free disease screenings to employees!Unfortunately, even with such services, some choose not to take advantage of the opportunity.The Dutch Reformed Church in Botswana recently organised a...

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