Survival of the fittest..

I don’t know about everyone else, but this political mumbo jumbo has now exhausted me. I cannot wait for this madness to pass. This must be the worst election year ever in this country. It is during times like these when I wish I had a cattle post, just so that I could escape this madness!

Maybe I am the only one, but for the past two months I am fast losing friends! Friendships are tested and relationships are being irretrievably broken down.  I have had arguments with some of my best friends; I have been threatened and of course, not shied away from returning the favour. It seems like only the dead will escape this madness, not that I even wish I were one of them. I don’t fear death, I only think politics is far worse, especially at this very point.

The worst place to be at this point in time is perhaps, social media. Knives are out, and gloves are certainly off. Like hyenas fighting over a carcass, common decency and courtesy have become rare traits, hustling and jostling is the order of the day while most folks have just simply taken leave of their senses!

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