Of short tempered Christians of today

Only two topics dominate discussions lately: politics and religion. I happen to be passionate about both. Most people often say that politics and religion are similar and lately I am inclined to agree.

One German economist once famously opined that religion was the opium of the people. In simple terms, opium is a key ingredient found in most drugs.  I generally always avoid discussing matters of religion and most times I prefer to leave those to religious leaders. The only problem is, religious leaders have only one obligation and that obligation is that they only stick to their side of the fence.  If,  like myself, you have ever been to church, you would know that the preacher is always right, that his word is the gospel truth. While at school one gets a chance to ask questions during a lesson, in church the only acceptable interruption or contribution is a random ‘amen’.

I am a firm believer that to every story told, there exists two sides. A churchgoer all my life, even I have to admit that religion, or precisely Christianity, is fast changing. If ever people who passed on a decade ago were to resurrect even for an hour, they would be very confused at today’s religion!  A little over a week ago, dozens of believers perished in Nigeria after a church owned lodging quarters collapsed under unclear circumstances. This unfortunate incident has once more turned the spotlight on today’s Christianity.

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