Marriage 101 For Men

I listened to a discussion on a foreign radio the other day with great interest. The issue of marriage has been around us since time immemorial, so we are told. But somehow, no matter how much this issue is discussed, one can never for sure say they have heard enough. The more you listen, the more you realise that you really know nothing at all about the topic.

But one thing is crystal clear; if ever there was a group of people on this earth with a difficult existence, then its married men. World wide divorce statistics can attest to this.  Curiously, this serious matter is often left to just a handful of players; being the couple, the parents, the law, and in some rare cases, God. Marriage, according to the good book, is a good thing and the good book also pronounces, in no uncertain terms, that it’s taboo for a man to live alone. Thankfully, the book only singles out men and spares the rest.

This discussion, as many others, was mainly about men as well as the role they play in a family set up. It is perhaps worth noting that from the moment a Motswana boy is born, the poor boy immediately finds himself in some big trouble. Society and family immediately place high expectations on the boy. It starts with the name. There is always a big deal concerning a boy’s name; either the names have meanings, are inherited or even both. The expectations are just unbelievably high and the path is almost always pre determined.

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