I hate arrogance

If there is one thing I hate, it is arrogance. I loathe it; I cannot stand pompous, self-centred, egocentric, bigoted and arrogant people. My pastor remarked the other day that sometimes I come across as overbearing, almost aggressive in my writings.

He is correct; it is this verse in the Bible that says that we should call sin by its name. That verse is always on my mind, I blame it. My nature is such that if I feel strongly about something, I should not beat about the bush and call a spade a big spoon.  As I child I was always reprimanded for this. A humble leader is one that is secure enough to recognise his or her weaknesses and to seek the input and talents of others. By being receptive to outside ideas and assistance, creative leaders open up new avenues for the people they lead. It is as simple as that.

We now find ourselves in an era where people who at times get into positions of power and authority often by sheer luck and not on merit, become arrogant, even long before they display framed pictures of their pets in their new offices. I cannot fathom this, I just can’t. We have situations where leaders behave as if sunflowers grow out of the ears; as if they walk on gold pavements while the rest of us walk the semi-dusty streets of Gaborone.

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