Develop Your Employability

Employability is defined as the ability to continuously fulfill, acquire or create work for oneself or others through the optimal use of efforts. This broad definition captures some very important issues. It speaks about creating work for oneself and for others, which captures the notion that one can either be self employed or be employed by someone else or some other organisations.

This is a very obvious but important idea, because once we define employability in that way it becomes easy to understand that employability is all encompassing. It pertains to the entrepreneur as well as the intrapreneur; to the businessman as well as his employee. Employability is important because it is what earns us a living regardless of our different callings and missions in life. In this issue we will unpack this concept.

Employability is an asset. More specifically, it is your asset. You own it, and you can never share it with another, lend it to another or borrow another person’s employability for that matter. It is an intangible possession, but a very important possession in the ever changing seasons and circumstances of life. A person high in employability can lose a job one day and be in another within a couple of weeks. He can have a bad setback in his business one moment, but still come out triumphant. Employability is therefore a skill that is not just desirable, but also very necessary in this era. While the people high in employability will flourish, those that do not have it will be reduced to beggars and be destitute. The common denominator among beggars and the destitute all over the world is that they lack the capacity to create work for themselves and for others. If you can learn to create work for yourself and for others then you can never be destitute. Hate them or like them, there are people who are just good at what they do. And because they are good at what they do, they are almost indispensable. They are high on employability. There are also people that are so poor at what they do that everyone is shunning them or just accommodating them out of compulsion. Since employability is personal, it is your personal responsibility to develop your own employability and also your responsibility to deploy.

Editor's Comment
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