Variables on BDF leadership expansion

My week has been very interesting in many aspects and particularly on the feedback I received on last week’s opinion piece that I wrote to this publication.

I have had varied responses from serving and retired members of the BDF regarding the topic I discussed which was on the size of the leadership at the barracks. What is interesting is that serving members only confront me as and when we meet while those who are now separated from the institution have the liberty to phon and give me such feedback.

One of the serving members says he enjoys reading me but the only problem with what I write is that I lack the military flavour on certain topics because I am not staff trained. On one hand, one of the retired generals says he does not hold the same view because a large volume of my readers are not staff trained. In academic language, to be staff trained is an equivalence of a post graduate level.

Editor's Comment
Implement the recommendations Mr. President

The nation is eagerly awaiting this report to have a glimpse of what the recommendations are like, possibly for further debate. Mr. President, it’s our ardent hope that true to your promises, the public will have an opportunity to peruse the report and see if it reflects their interests as the Commission went around the length and breadth of the country collecting views of the people with some choosing to write to the Commission’s...

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