Part 2 - What Does The Bible Say To One Who Has Been Raped?

Last week we began the discussion on what the Bible says about rape. This is a serious issue that affects so many of our people. We must address it! If you missed that article, I highly encourage you to go find it on The Monitor online.

Various actual biblical rape accounts were analysed. The conclusion was made that God took such a radical step in making such harsh laws against rape perpetrators in the Old Testament that God hates rape. This week we need to dive deeper to see how God can help the one who has been raped. Next week, we will explore what the Bible says about the rapist!

Rape is a horrific violation on the most sacred and private parts of a person’s body and mind. This horrendous act not only destroys them physically but deeply hurts them emotionally. Peace eludes those who have been damaged by this gross sin. Anger and fear frequently crop up as common emotions stealing their quality of life.

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