Let god protect the children

A gunman killed his mother December 14, in their Newtown, Conn., home then drove to nearby Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he opened fire, killing 20 children and six adults before taking his own life.

In the aftermath of the mass murder of 20 children at Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School, child advocates are trying to raise awareness of the alarming rate that kids in America continue to be victims of violence, and questioning why it goes largely unreported and unrecognised by the public.

"There's so little attention paid to it and the first thing to know is those numbers are probably seriously undercounted," said Teri Covington, director of the National Center for Child Death Review. "It's been well-documented that those numbers are underreported, perhaps as high as 50 percent. Child abuse cases often don't show up on death certificates because a lot show up as injuries or accidents."The Srebrenica Children Massacre refers to the killing of as many as 62 children among the victims when the elementary school in Srebrenica, eastern Bosnia, was shelled by the Army of Republika Srpska in April 1993. On April 12, 1993 the Bosnian Serbs told the UNHCR representatives that they would attack the town of Srebrenica within two days unless the Bosniaks surrendered[1] and they did. The same day, Serbs attacked Srebrenica's elementary school, killing 62 Bosniak children and wounding 152 others.[2][3]

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Let’s stand against the menace of ‘CAT’

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