Woodhall police are crooked

I’m writing to you today in connection with Woodhall police station. Each time when we complain about something or want to make a case, they don’t want to attend to it. The other night a policeman named Dandani who is based at Woodhall police station took my husband’s Blackerry to call someone, but he didn’t give it back.

The following morning  when my husband phoned him to ask him to give his phone back, he (Dandani) said he wanted P500, only then would he will give it back to my husband. So Dandani wants money. What type of police man is he?  My husband went  to Woodhall police station but he was not assisted. Then  I phoned the station commander Madisa( I hope the spelling is correct) to tell him “I’m not going to leave it here, I’m going now to the newspapers”.  Two minutes later Madisa phoned my husband to tell him to come and make a statement. This is not a  nice way to treat  foreigners.  Station commander Madisa also put the phone down in my ear while I was busy  talking  to him and  he was rude. A police officer is not supposed to talk like that to a person.

This is not the first time that we have had  problems with Woodhall police. I report  a lot of cases but still nothing happens. I can give a lot of examples of cases, like one case I reported fraud and gave them a lot of  evidence and still nothing was done. Is my case not important enough for them? I am also now busy writing a letter to the head of police in Gaborone. Today was the last time that some of the police officers of Woodhall police station treat us badly.

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