When is Jesus’ true date of return?

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The question of the exact, even approximate, time of Jesus’ return has been the subject of obsessive speculation and research over more than two thousand years.

Much has been misunderstood in this regard and today’s article will help clarify matters around an issue that remains the central hope of all who call themselves Christian and lived and died as such. But, to understand how and when Jesus will truly “return”, one has to read wider than the Canonised Scriptures (the present form of the New Testament). Reading must include Apocrypha – especially Gnostic Apocrypha; books banned by the Church Founders for, as we will now show, revealing “too” much!

Let us now make good use of Setswana – an ancient, much-underrated protolanguage – to unearth the root-meaning of “Apocrypha”. In a prior article, I explained the Greek term apo (a morpheme dimly understood by etymologists, as even they admit) as meaning to “undress” or “uncover” – thus apola in Setswana. Its antonym apa means “dress” or “cover”, thus apara in Setswana, and “apparel” (clothing) in English. “Apocalypse”, I had also explained, is made up of apo (uncover) + kalypte (“hidden” in Greek; ga-lepato in Sotho-Tswana); thus John’s “Revelation” is also called “the Apocalypse of John”. “Apocrypha” is thus made up of apo (uncover) + krypte (“secret” in Greek, an evident paradigm of kalypte), thus actually meaning “[a book] that uncovers what is [supposed to remain] secret”! This needs no further explanation.

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