The true story of Sodom and Gomorrah (Part 2)

Last week, sourcing from a comprehensive array of ancient texts, we uncovered how the Canaanite city of Sodom was unfairly saddled with a reputation for homosexuality to the extent that anal intercourse is now called “sodomy”, named after that doomed city.

Indeed, ancient Mesopotamian sources like the Khedeolaomar Texts and the Erra Opos reveal a far more complete and radically different picture than is popularly understood through the Old Testament (Genesis 19:5-8) which generally sought to protect and sanitise Lot’s otherwise morally indefensible actions.

Lot, other sources uncover, was sent by the “gods” (who are typically called “angels” in the OT) to spy out the whereabouts of the gods Marduk (Baal/Bel) and his son Nabu (Nebo). The pair were in hiding after a warrant of arrest was issued against them by the Pantheon of Gods, the supreme Council of Twelve, for inciting the Canaanite Kings to make a move towards the shems (rocket-launched spaceships), the gods’ most prized of possessions, that were hidden in mountain silos in this “sacred” area. Abraham then rose to greatness when he successfully quelled this insurrection (see “War of the Kings” in Genesis 14).

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