President Masisi's top foreign & trade policy priorities in 2020

Botswana continues to enjoy a significant amount of international respect, goodwill and prominence in the global South for its economic and political stability and its sustained record of macroeconomic prudence.

But, after a decade of hits and misses during the era of Ian Khama’s presidency, Botswana will have to hit the ground running, charging at full speed in pursuit of its economic interests globally.

The global geopolitical environment isn’t significantly different from how it was in 2019, and the priorities are more or less similar. Following its independence and first elections in 1965, Botswana went from being a small, poor, vulnerable state surrounded by hostile, white, racist minority regimes to being a key player in the disintegration of apartheid and a key architect of the regional integration and multilateralism agenda.

Editor's Comment
CAF is a joke, but...

We are told of massive spin-offs for hosting countries, which we assume was the catalyst behind putting in the bid.We are not too sure if it is a one-size fits all, where any hosting nation reaps the benefits or it’s on a case-by-case basis.There are arguments from both ends, with hosting a sure way to accelerate infrastructure development and a guaranteed cash flow during the 30-days of the tournament.There is a bump in employment creation...

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