Phenyo Butale: A heavenly sent angel

For Batswana, not only the UDC, Sir G was the best we have ever had; a very well seasoned and impeccable politician, one who stood for principle and nothing else. He was indeed a great man, he inspired the world and totally changed the political landscape of Botswana. Gaborone Central constituency was the toughest of them all with Sir G facing with the incumbent MP Dumelang Saleshando, it also went down in a quite immaculate manner that indeed Saleshando was in for it.

Just as these political scarecrows thought they had slipped away from the tight grip of the UDC then rose the most elegant, vibrant and heavenly sent Phenyo Butale. It is indeed true that, like Gomolemo Motswaledi, Moses led the children of Israel from Egypt and he defeated Pharaoh in his quest to lead them through to the Promised Land, it was so unfortunate that he never reached Canaan. But out of nowhere emerged Joshua whom God anointed and gave him a mission to take over where Moses had left. Indeed it so happened that Joshua carried them through and the Israelites reached Canaan.

It is also true that comrade Gomolemo Motswaledi has left us just as we were about to cross the Jordan river to go to Canaan, just when people were about to lose hope on whether we will get to Canaan or not, just when a lot of people had gone numb and their minds frozen, just when the whole nation didn’t know where to turn to or where to look, just as Botswana had all gone dark. Like a heavenly sent angel, he rose and re-instilled all of that lost hope and trust, he rose to show us direction and to lead us to the Promised Land, oh! How the nation is so fortunate to have found a son in Phenyo Butale.

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