Open letter to Mr. President

No nation can be complete without people from other nations living there.

That there are foreigners from African countries especially from West Africa residing here is not first in its kind. This is the case everywhere in the world. Life is a constant adventure in possibilities and we cannot be exempted from the dire stakes life has to offer. Hence there are Americans, British, French, Germans, Japanese - the so called industrialised nations,  residing in most African countries, the third world, developing countries. It is interesting and of course shocking to see the French Community in poor countries such as the Republic of Niger/ Chad. Some French nationals have made some countries in Africa as their first home. It is therefore not surprising to see many in  Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Mali--the developing nations.

As few as we are, there are some Batswana living and working outside. There are some in New Zealand, USA, South Africa, and Zambia.  Recently, we read in one of the dailies that there is a Motswana woman living and doing marvelous business in Nigeria. No wonder, foreigners, from advanced countries are living in volatile regions such as Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq,Yemen,Pakistan  etc. where life is at risk. Yet, they are there.

Editor's Comment
Women unite for progress

It underscores the indispensable role women play in our society, particularly in building strong households and nurturing families. The recognition of women as the bedrock of our communities is not just a sentiment; it's a call to action for all women to stand together and support each other in their endeavours.The society's aim to instil essential principles and knowledge for national development is crucial. By providing a platform for...

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