If Motswaledi was killed, surely Intelligence had a hand in it

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The nation mourns the tragic loss of one of the finest political minds in the country. Meanwhile the streets are awash with conspiracy theories and the air is thick with suspicion and mistrust. People found on the queue to view Motswaledi’s body as it lay in state spoke in hushed tones. This is present day Botswana and we just have to live with it, it seems.

The moment Gomolemo Motswaledi’s death was announced, it seems almost the whole nation thought he was deliberately killed. This was even before we could get the faintest details of the said accident. One thing I am certain of is that no single person or group peddled these rumours; rather almost every individual had this opinion on their point of contact with the news. As has always been the case, someone is going to lay the blame at the door of the media for the current swelling public opinion. But take my word for it, the media had no role in building the current public opinion.

It seems the level of mistrust by the public on its own government is at its epitome when taking into account the current atmosphere existing within the public sphere. For a number of years now, the media has cautioned us on the growing dictatorial tendencies of our current political crop as these leaders are certainly growing some form of intolerance on its own people. One thing we can agree on is that the government has been slowly losing public trust and the Motswaledi freak accident has literally pulled the rug from under the leadership’s feet.

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