Fighting disparity: The dream of Davos elites

The world’s richest nations have admitted that global inequality is appalling.

But are they prepared to radically tackle the capitalist system that harbours rich tax thieves and appropriators of labour, who increase their wealth with political favours? A system that safeguards the interests of the minority at the expense of the majority poor?

Now the Davos elites have ‘raised’ the issue of rich-poor divide. The World Economic Forum (WEF, January 22-25, 2014) said that the growing rich-poor income gap is the biggest risk the world is facing for the next decade. Pope Francis told Davos to fight inequality, hunger. But Bill Gates finds hope in this world system.

In its annual Global Risks 2014 report, the WEF said the income disparity was the most likely risk to cause an impact on a global scale in the next decade. ‘It raises concerns about the Great Recession and the squeezing effect it had on the middle classes in developed economies’. 

They are ‘searching’ for an answer to the question: How to spread the wealth? But, it’s a riddle impossible to solve within the present structure. Income inequality is an integral part of the structure, a time-bomb carried by the present world distribution system. It carries all the possibilities of wrecking the system if those pressed down at the bottom consciously continue their pressure.

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