Digging tswana roots

The rule of a time, times, and half a time

Per my still-expanding, not-yet-published Dictionary of Protolanguage Terms, the English word ‘time’ – tima in Old English (OE) – relates to tema (rate/extent of progress) in Setswana. Germanic languages (e.g. Dutch) chose tid/tiyt as their name for ‘time’, which term I relate to teta (waiting period) in Setswana. Indeed, my cutting-edge discoveries indicate that Sotho-Tswana is very close to an original language spoken by all in the Neolithic era (BC 10200-3500). My Dictionary thus boasts 400-plus Bantu words indisputably cognate with Indo-European, contrary to current linguistics which denies any such link.

Even more surprising, I have retranslated three well-known Sumerian epics according to a Sotho-Tswana unlocking key (yet Sumerian is ‘the earliest written language’) revealing a different, wittier, far more coherent messages from the ancient scribes. Why Sotho-Tswana in particular? Ill-understood aspects of its ‘mythology’, I have shown, dovetail with those of Mesopotamia indicating that the Sotho-Tswana group was certainly amongst the Kutheans (Goo-tia in Setswana: ‘Strong Ones’) that reportedly left Egypt with the ‘god’ Nergal – my ‘Scorpion King’ – in order to aid the ‘goddess’ Inana in her famous war against Marduk, the ‘god’ of Babylon (see The Wars of Gods and Men by Zecharia Sitchin).

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