Digging Tswana Roots - The lake of fire awaiting the Beast

If ever there is a misunderstood book of the bible, it is Revelation. Being the last book of the Canon (the recognised compilation making up the bible), it would have helped if the message therein was rather clearer – but it isn’t. The result is that many people choose to see what they will in the Apocalypse of John – the alternative name of Revelation. What is the reason for this?

Revelation is very difficult to understand mainly due to the symbols – often multi-layered – that pepper the book. These symbols are even harder to decipher and interpret without the power of Setswana to unlock the proto-meaning of many biblical names; without a comprehensive Truth-Matrix to reference by. Harder still, is the little-known fact that John was a Gnostic who was highly critical of the way Jesus’ message had been hijacked by the very forces that opposed and crucified him. Had he spoken out more clearly, Revelation would have been banished to the Apocrypha – books ejected from the Canon.

In this article, I will focus solely on re-explaining and unbundling, in summary form, the symbols used by John. Since Revelation is the book that exposes – unseals – the ‘prophetic’ agenda encoded (sealed) in the Book of Daniel, it inevitably makes use of some of the symbols therein. But it is incorrect, I have revealed in this column, to say that Revelation is a supportive continuation of Daniel. Beginning with the Seven Spirit of the Churches in Chapter Two, these symbolise and represent the deliberate, contrived and intended stages of degrading Jesus’ message sparked off by Paul.

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