Demystifying the mystery of Daniel

In the last few articles in this column, one main point should remain embedded in the reader’s mind. All that played out in biblical history, even much of secular history, emanated from the ancient rivalry between two powerful clans of the “gods” – the Enlilites and the Enkiites.

“Gods’, we explain time and again in this column, were real, very advanced flesh-and-blood beings whose ancient traces are periodically found in fossils hundreds of millions of years old (“Forbidden Archaeology”). So technologically advanced were they that ordinary people worshipped them as beings from heaven.

BC 562 BC, the time of Daniel, was a critical time in history of gods and men. Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, had just died and the Enlilites had just won a major war against Tehuti (“Thoth”) in South America – where Thoth had relocated to from Egypt and was now known as Quetzalcoatl. Tehuti, whose name means “Sole (or Foremost) Teacher” in Northern Sotho: tee-ruti, then fled to the Himalayas which were soon named after him: Herma-Laya (Herma-Thoth or “Hermes the Teacher”).

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