Customer Feedback And Office Order Management

Customers in a supermarket PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO
Customers in a supermarket PIC: MORERI SEJAKGOMO

Organisations and companies should provide customer feedback box or mechanism. Customer feedback can really make an organisation grow. How?

Always remember,- clients are valuable asset. -clients must always be treated with care and consideration Every customer who was rendered a service at a particular organisation or service provider must submit their view on how the have been handled.

Customer service personnel should never destroy or amend written information by the customers no matter how negative it is. Remember that negative comments help you to rectify and better your customer service standards for the better.

If again you are complimented on the service or product go an extra mile that is extra growth to the organisation or company.

DID YOU KNOW? Bad customer service travel and spreads faster than bush fire    and good customer service stays forever and generates the organisation profits and top notch company image.

When the organisation takes seriously the use of customer feedback it will grow and improve every day.


Now Lets Look Into Office Order Management;

Good management skills are required ensure smooth flow of actions and procedures on a continuous daily basis. The efficiency of staff with who will task carry out different duties. The neatness, tidiness of the work areas. Remember that will impact on the overall efficiency of the organisation as well as the positive perception of the organisation by clients and other visitors.

PROFESSIONALISM: providing a professional service requires tasks to be carried out effectively and    efficiently as well as being seen to be conducting one self.


The Smart Way Of Recruiting

As a company or organisation you have to have a human resource department with a team of employees to carry out the recruitment process or procedures.

Human resource personel should always follow or hire right candidates without taking sides or doing favours.

They is a saying “A” players hire a players, “B” players hires “C” players. So that is to say hire better than you.

What Do We Mean By Hire Better Than You?

Great people hire great, and mediocore people hire candidates who are not as good as they are, so they can feel superior to them ( if you start down the slippery slope, you will soon end up with Z players; this is called the BOZO explosion. It is followed by the layoff) that is very wrong. So hire “A” players.


Lets look at this chart below 

Self Confidence + Self Awareness =Great Team

The Two Build A Great Team

CLASSICALLY, Organisations look for the right educated and professional backgrounds, but I would add a third quality – is the candidate infected with customer service? Love and knowledge of your product or service. Often a candidate’s education and work experience are relevant on paper but irrelevant in the real world. The candidate without the perfect background could be the diamond in the rough. Remember, customer service is a fundamental pillar of all.


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