BPC Increasing Tariffs

In last week’s s MONITOR a short article on page 2 reported Minister Mokaila saying that electricity tariffs would increase.

I’m sure that most consumers are aware that increases are inevitable. However, what we would really like to know

is why the new Morupule B power station is such a disaster as we get very little information from either the ministry or BPC. 

The minister and BPC surely owe us, the taxpayers, a detailed explanation.

We are all under the impression that dithering and delays during the last decade, with subsequent bungling and corruption during construction are the root causes of the power station’s failure to produce anywhere near to the 600MW it was designed to do.

A published forensic audit of the entire project would go a long way to restore confidence in the government and BPC; even if its all bad news.

The report will ensure that similar disasters do not happen again.

If an honest audit is not done and published, we are certain that the combined power station and Fenguye Glass fiascos in Palapye will

be the millstone around the neck of government, like that of the arms deal, Eskom and SAA in South Africa, which implicates the ruling party there.

Yours faithfully

M Wales


Editor's Comment
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