Bomuís response to Winfred Winnie Rasina And Nuba: COSBOTS shenanigans!

Seabelo Modibe
Seabelo Modibe

It is not in our nature as BOMU to respond to newspaper articles, but it’s very important to respond to Winfred Rasina and NUBA’s misplaced views about BOMU in relation to the operations of COSBOTS because NUBA and Rasina are not commoners in the Arts.

We take this opportunity to appreciate points raised by NUBA about the reluctance and lackadaisical approach in registering other artforms into the COSBOTS fold.

However, we rebut in the harshest terms any belief that BOMU is satisfied with the status quo at COSBOTS or insinuation that we are bedfellows. We put it on record to everyone who believes BOMU agrees with all the maladministration at COSBOTS to go fly a kite.

As BOMU, we have for a long period raised issues with regards to the maladministration at COSBOTS and inconsistency in handling artists matters with COSBOTS, Ministry of Trade and CIPA. Our organisation is on record with letters it has written to CIPA and Minister of Trade and Industry bringing to the attention of their office the maladministration and inconsistencies at COSBOTS and to our surprise no action has been taken. As far as we are concerned as BOMU the Ministry of Trade and C.I.P.A. are happy with how COSBOTS is run so we also have decided to stay away from the current COSBOTS, but however we have decided to consistently voice our displeasure because the music industry is not owned by COSBOTS or BOMU, but all of us.

If NUBA can go back to some of our writings even deliberations the issues contained in NUBA’s letter in respect to other artforms being undermined have been raised by BOMU there are two video tapes at BTV where one which aired which features myself, Gilbert Seagile, Taes Entaile and CEO of COSBOTS.

There is a follow up interview which is still to be aired which features Alfred Mosimanegape, Bafana Pheto, Maxy Sedumedi and CEO of COSBOTS, which BOMU has in the harshest terms condemned the cowboy mentality that’s raining supreme at COSBOTS. Should this recording be aired Batswana (you) will hear straight from the musicians about the rot at COSBOTS and we strongly feel the reason why it has not been aired was to save COSBOTS from a meltdown a public backlash which is understandable.

We have long put it on record that COSBOTS will never recognise other artforms because it’s an organisation that is riddled with maladministration and lack of corporate governance.

Some of the individuals in the board and management are long-time bedfellows who are hell-bent on protecting each other’s interests as long as they benefit materially from COSBOTS.

In short, COSBOTS is heavily manipulated and compromised by individuals who want to make sure they benefit personally at the expense of innocent artists.

We therefore would like NUBA to direct its complaints to the Minister of Trade or CIPA as BOMU is not an oversight organisation responsible for COSBOTS.

In closing re lela le lona NUBA le baopedi botlhe lefatshe ka bophara! God can never turn his back on artists!

Yours in Music


Seabelo Modibe

BOMU Finance Committee Member

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