Beware of strangers knocking at your gate

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Beware of strangers coming in at night with their stories and asking for your help.

Yesterday around 10:15 pm a guy knocked at my gate, claiming that he was my neighbour and needed some serious help. He said that his car had a problem at the western bypass Wimpy and he needed some assistance, which I eventually refused to give. 

He then asked for some money at-least a 20 buck so that he could get it fixed. I was becoming more suspicious of the guy as he continued telling me that he stays in a house 14 plots away from mine. He even claimed that he was not a thief, and he cannot mess around with me as he knows me very well.

He then explained that he had come with his girlfriend and that no thief would come with his girlfriend to steal, and yes there was a girl quietly standing behind him. However I was not satisfied with his explanation as I had never seen him before, so decided not to give him any access to my property or even get close to him and his girlfriend.This guy waited with his girlfriend for some time and then left after stating again that he was not a thief and assuring me not to be scared of him (which I ignored).

Here comes the real event. This morning I went around my property and was surprised to see that my electric fence wire had been cut and lifted. Fortunately they failed to get access into my home as it is secured with double burglar bars. But they did manage to get inside the yard, but left with nothing. Family is safe and all is well. So please dear ones, do not ever listen to the stories of anybody at your door step during the day or at night and please don’t feel sorry for them, even if they are girls requesting for help.

My worst worry is that these days even girls are accompanying these thieves. Gabs is truly getting out of control. Period.

Guru Moorthy, via Facebook

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