Behind the image of power and glory

As Sumerian legend exposes, two mighty clans of the Elohim (plural of “Eloi”) – the “Enlilite” and “En-kiite” clans – once ruled mankind together as “gods”. Indeed, our ancestors (even the Sumerians, whose language remains much like Sotho-Tswana) called them Illu (Hebrew: Eloi; Sotho-Tswana: ba’Loi), meaning “Shining Ones”. As such, Illu is still the root of “illuminator” (and, yes, “Illuminati”), as the proto-term mo’illu (“fire”) still reflects in proto-Tswana. As I explained before, “Ba’Loi” only came to mean “wizards” because of our ancient awe of their advanced technology (bo-Loi) – with which they be-dazzled us as “gods” – fossil evidence of which remains embedded in rock strata as old as 400 million years.

As my near-seamless Truth-Matrix further exposes, bitter rivalry between the clans culminated in the Sodom and Gomorrah nuclear disaster that generated an “Evil Wind” (radiation) that brought Sumer (now Iraq) to her knees – causing the gods to flee to Europe en masse. This event forced the Elohim to unite. Resolving to henceforth rule unseen, they used their technology to project themselves as the Unseen God, the real God, under the convenient banner of “monotheism” – which ideology they dedicated to the emerging Age of Aries (BC 2160 to AD 0). Marduk, (Baal), the “god” of Babylon – the eldest son of Enki, founder of the Enkiite clan – refused to join this scheme and was promptly labelled a “false” god.

As Is. 46:1 and Jer. 50:2 crowed triumphantly, Marduk and his son Nebo were eventually forced to compromise, and his younger brother Ningishziddha (Thoth) was defeated in South America – where he was known as the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Although the Old Testament (OT) contains subtle, creeping changes not there in the original Hebrew bible, much older Mesopotamian texts like the Khedeolaomar Texts and the Erra Opos show the war between Marduk and the Enlilites to be historical fact. Newer OT translations have, however, subtly changed the originally “withered” Marduk and his “cowed” son Nabu (Nebo) to lifeless idols and statues: “Marduk (Bel) bows down, Nebo stoops over, their images (statues) given over to (trampled on by) beasts…” (New American Standard Bible) – as if these characters were the statues themselves. Was Saddam Hussein a fictitious idol just because his statues were either torn down or became defunct? Is. 50:2 nevertheless speaks, correctly, of Marduk as having been “put to shame”…

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