AP will continue to fight for a new Botswana

AP President Ndaba Gaolathe
AP President Ndaba Gaolathe

It is the end of a politically illustrious year for all political formations, all of whom deserve credit and commendation for their role in our nation’s political process. 

Today we wish to convey gratitude to the people of Botswana who participated in vote, for exercising their right to vote without which we cannot build any nation. We are especially proud of those who voted for the Alliance for Progressives. We are inspired by citizens, unsung heroes who sacrificed their time and opportunities to fight for what they believe in, this new Botswana, this paragon of nation building and prosperity on the African continent. They fought a good fight, in a quest to lift our nation above the daunting challenges of our time.

We are failing as a nation to build an economy that will employ, utilise and reward the majority of our citizens with a quality life. Our government as a system is superficially democratic, without checks and balances against the abuse of power. The Executive branch of Government makes the laws, implements the laws and decides without any inhibitions who can sit in the judiciary.

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