Shee, ke fashion: Modern men and their skinny jeans!

About two years ago I blogged about ladies’ fashion trend of wearing leggings like pants, walking around confidently exposing their camel toe; the ‘V’ staring at the world! Some of them still do it...hey, the things we see out there... Anyways, it seems that males realized that all the attention was going to the ladies, and wanted a piece of it too.

Nowadays there’s a fashion trend among men that I cannot wrap my head around; they wear pants that are too tight! Apparently they are called skinny jeans/pants. Everywhere I go, I see numerous men wearing these tight pants. Worse is that some people don’t seem to realize that skinny pants look better on slim individuals; especially if you are going to tuck in your shirt. When you have extra lipids and flab, it looks odd, especially when the thunder thighs seem to ‘swallow’ the pants and the wearer struggles to walk properly without being forced to part their legs slightly at intervals so that the pants settle back to their original style. Motho wa teng o tla bo timpetse, a gagametse mo borokgweng e ka re bo tlaa thubega.

It appears proper fitting pants aren’t “cool” enough. Several years ago, baggy clothes were in fashion among male folk and the wearers, who were often hip-hop worshippers, (known as ma-cat), walked like they had defecated on themselves in their sagging pants. Nowadays tight pants seem to be the rave. How anyone can wear a clothing item that as good as crushes their crotch for hours on end in the name of fashion is one thing I will never understand.  The fit, style and cut of these skinny pants are just wrong. They also inappropriately expose “parts”, if you know what I mean....I suspect it would be difficult to wear such ill-fighting tight pants with boxers or briefs. So the best thing is to go commando so that Jimmy is not restricted. For us onlookers this is an eye sore because the package stands out outlined like it’s desperately shouting out for attention, staring at the world, as if it’s exclaiming: Hello, howzit? Look at me bo-mabebeza!

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