Political leaders may know something about ritual murders!

I smell a rat. There's more to alleged ritual murders in this country than meets the eye. Interestingly, reports of these incidents often increase around the period of political elections and economic instability. Despite the continued disappearance and murder of mostly children, ritual murders are curtained in an ambiguous air and remain shrouded in secrecy.

“Rraboko” is probably a syndicate of individuals involved in murders for dipheko. Ritual murders are no different from the spate of crimes that have recently hit Gaborone. The people involved clearly aren’t amateurs! What fuels my “wild imaginings and conspiracy theories” is that government has never shown interest in addressing this niggling problem. It makes one wonder if some political leaders know something that we don’t. There is a widely held allegory that some political leaders and businesspeople get involved in ritual murders and use human flesh in muti to “strengthen” or enrich themselves. Oddly enough, they have never made effort to dispel these myths. It seems almost everyone wants to turn a blind eye on the matter.

 The Botswana Police are often reluctant to deal with suspected ritual murder cases. In some incidents, they have claimed that the law doesn’t “recognize witchcraft.” Why then don’t they rope in the assistance of the Dingaka Association? Botswana law and its Constitution are cemented on British customs, values and culture, with little reflective of traditional culture. Many other aspects need to be nullified, amended or added. We may be well into the 21st century but we cannot blatantly ignore our history and the roots of our culture. Black people are sometimes desperate to fit into the Western mold. To a common mind, progression and civilization is becoming like a white person – dress, look, live and think like him. Adopt his ways too, and discard all that embodies being African! No matter how much we deny it, black people will never be like whites. We are in limbo and grappling ideals that aren’t reflective of what we are. We also seem to think that certain ideas are “unsophisticated” but in Europe and Asia there are some quarters that still believe in the supernatural and occults. The world is not all rosy. Crap things happen out there and the sooner we get out of our cocoons and demand action, the better!

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