Homosexuality and machoism are a threat to African masculinity

Homosexuality and machoism are a threat to African masculinity - The “social tragedy” of emasculated men, sissies and bullies!

The low risk lifestyles afforded by surplus resources in the modern world have changed our lifestyles and values. We have a generation of men with too much oestrogen who act like girls, or beat up, rape, kill and hurt women. The era of ‘alpha’ males is over; men don’t need to hunt, slay dinosaurs, or conquer enemies on battle fields etc, so there’s no need for that primitive perspective of masculinity, perhaps. Instead, we’re inundated with machoists with low self-esteems and fragile egos. They settle scores with punches, are philanderers, transsexuals in stilettos and secretly misogynist gays. Pardon my love for conspiracies, but I vehemently believe the rise in homosexuality is orchestrated by West imperialists who use unsuspecting individuals to equate ‘freedom’ and ‘liberalism’ with immorality and senseless self-derision. The ever-increasing number of men proclaiming to be sexually/romantically attracted to other men in our social landscape is disturbing. It’s not only a sign of a crumbling social system and psychological problems, but an agenda instigated by negative agents hell-bent on emasculating our men. It started during colonialism when black men were forced to leave their homes and families for cities, factories or mines to eke a living. It happened again post-colonialism when modern culture reflected the Black man as a criminal and alcoholic-always-trying-to-get-laid-having-kids-everywhere-but-can’t-care-for-them-irresponsible-loser. It’s a ploy to undermine our people, create gender dichotomy and annihilate the fibre of the black familial institution. 

In the 21st century, the value of a man is the size of his wallet while a broke man is perceived useless. When a poor man speaks, people will mummer, “A re gorileng tota o ditlhako di sokameng yo!” It doesn’t matter how intelligent or wise he is. This can make men feel inadequate. Then we act surprised when men worship money and assume it can get them everything in life. (Well it can get you some things, just not everything...) Furthermore, more women are not only bringing the bacon home, but taking on leadership and decision-making roles in workplaces and households. Although some men pretend to be appreciative of influential or materially-successful women, there’s often an element of insecurity and bitterness towards these women. The inadequacy complex, jealousy and resentment often reflect as sexism. 

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