Go festive ntate - go kgweetswa nkuku!

Areye nkuku- Shumba Ratshega PIC THALEFANG CHARLES
Areye nkuku- Shumba Ratshega PIC THALEFANG CHARLES

Shumba Ratshekga's song 'Loso la monnamogolo' has got many people excited and others with their knickers in a knot. To me, it's a masterpiece - a reflection of our local artists' creativity and flair.

Whoever penned it is in touch with reality as it accurately reflects relationships in our social landscape, and is lyrically rich because the creative use of Setswana language and metaphor in the song is intriguing. For those not familiar with it, the song narrates the sexual experiences of a young man who is having an affair with an older woman. I take it the woman’s partner has passed away hence he says: Loso la monnamogolo yole le nthusitse (I’m grateful for the passing away of that man). The song’s hook line goes something like: Ka kgweetsa nkuku (which means I rode that old woman).

The young man enjoyed his frolics with the woman, who seemingly kept him up all night when they had a roll in the hay. Older woman and younger man relations are becoming common nowadays, so the song is relevant to our times. Apparently older women are more sexually experienced and hygienic than their younger counterparts, who have not amassed enough knowledge on sexual satisfaction or keeping intimately clean and attractive...You know, creating their own moroto wa tshwene...

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