Who wins 2024?


Although it’s too early to predict with certainty the outcome of the 2024 General Election, using the current developments however, may help to make some assumptions on the possible outcomes of the impending polls. Mmegi Staffer RYDER GABATHUSE finds out from the political parties

Across the political divide there is excitement that if the elections were called tomorrow, political parties were ready to do battle. One striking reality however, is that on the surface, it seems the opposition has not done enough to support their readiness as they continue to be fragmented. This, to a large extent, has given the ruling party a ray of hope, again. In the 2019 General Election, the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) garnered 52% of the popular vote, seconded by the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) with 35.88 %, Alliance for Progressives got 5.12 percent whilst the Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) polled 4.41 percent.

Despite the seemingly rough political terrain ahead, opposition parties claim there is no better time for them than now including the 2024 General Election. There is a strong feeling that the ruling party has failed on its promises at the 2019 polls so much that it has set itself on a collision course with the masses who regard the ruling party to have failed them.

Editor's Comment
Women in Politics caucus NGO, a welcome development

In the 2014 General Election, women who stood for parliamentary elections were a mere 17 out of a total of 192 aspirants, and sadly the number dropped to 11 out of 210 parliamentary aspirants in the 2019 General Election. Hopefully, registration of the Women in Politics Caucus will give women the necessary support to join politics. While things were slowly improving, women for a long time were at the receiving end as compared to their male...

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