'They are plotting to kill me'

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Former director general of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS), Isaac Kgosi, claims that he is aware that there is a resolution to assassinate him.

This has been disclosed in a five-page letter to the DIS, Botswana Police Service (BPS), Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS), Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC), Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Attorney General on February 20, 2019 marked highly confidential. 

Kgosi claims that on February 18, 2019 he went for physiotherapy and two officers followed him into the clinic where they aggressively demanded from the receptionist that they be taken to him.

“They were turned away. Our client followed and found them parked outside; deadly armed with weapons of war including an Uzi submachine gun.  The officers were Sergeant G Nxaikhwe of BPS and Bashi Moreba of DIS or so their identity cards claimed.  They claimed to be acting on instructions from their superiors,” attorney Diba Diba wrote on behalf of Kgosi.

Kgosi claims that one of the reasons for the constant threats to indict him with unspecified charges, the harassment and threats to his life are deliberate and are meant to punish him for refusing to raise funds for the ruling party for the upcoming elections.

“They are also fuelled by the erroneous belief that he is raising funds for a faction of the ruling party dubbed ‘New Jerusalem’.  State resources are being abused for party political purpose.”

He continued: “Our client instructs that he is aware that there is a resolution to assassinate him.

The general harassment on his privacy is a deliberate ploy to annoy and provoke him into a confrontation so as to provide security agents with an excuse to shoot and kill him.  The confiscation of his guns is meant to unarm him and leave him defenceless”.

Diba also said the security agents have also been feeding the media with calculated half-truths and blatant lies about Kgosi to plant a narrative that he is corrupt, dangerous, suicidal and a security threat.

 In this regard they have had some active support of some unscrupulous media houses, Diba added.

The attorney reasoned that this narrative is inculcated into the public psyche so that when his assassination occurs it is palatable to the nation. “Our client wants you to know that he knows that he is to be killed.  He knows whose hands will be drenched with his blood.” Diba also said Kgosi’s life is under unlawful and constant surveillance, harassment and threat. He is subjected to brazen humiliation and intimidation. 

This treatment also extends to his family.  He said on January 15, 2019 Kgosi was arrested at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport on allegations of ‘intent to evade liability to tax’.

He was arrested by the DIS and officers of BPS purportedly acting on behalf of the Commissioner of BURS and the arrest was made in the full glare of the local media gathered there, no doubt on invitation.

He was subsequently detained at Sir Seretse Khama Barracks and the reason Kgosi was detained in a military centre was not provided. 

A search of his properties was conducted subsequent to the arrest and detention.  “Our client fully cooperated with the investigating agencies. Since the period of his arrest and notwithstanding his cooperation with government agencies, our client has been subjected to continuous unlawful harassment…”He mentioned that DIS and BPS officers have been tailing him and his wife. “On the weekend of February 2, 2019, officers of the DIS followed our client’s wife from Gaborone all the way to Kalamare where she was attending a funeral. 

The officers had to beat a hasty retreat when she confronted them. After the incident above, the DIS DG claimed that the officers were supposed to have been following our client on the DIS’ supposed belief that our client was suicidal. Where and how the DIS reached the macabre conclusion is a mystery.”

Diba also disclosed that Kgosi’s properties have been searched a number of times by agents from across all the agencies and in the full glare of the media, invited no doubt by the agents.

He added: “A number of times, he has been told to be home for more searches and the agents have either not bothered to turn up or cancel the intended search without prior notice to our client. This is done deliberately to tie up his time and completely disorganise his life.

“On February 15, 2019, DIS once again served our client with a warrant of entry, search and seizure and conducted a search of our client’s property. They seized his guns even though the guns are properly registered and have not been used or carried them in any irresponsible manner that might lead to their confiscation.”

He said they are instructed to demand that the security agents to forthwith stop the harassment of Kgosi, especially that they stop following him and his family; they must also move away from standing sentry at his house. “As an innocent citizen his rights and freedom must not be infringed without some legal basis.”

The attorney also demanded that any further searches would be conducted at a mutually convenient and agreed time.

He also demanded to know what he is being investigated for. “It is our client’s hope that this matter will be treated with maturity and sensitivity.  He especially hopes that it shall not be leaked to the media.”

The DIS communications officer Edward Roberts said they were not aware of any letter written to that effect.

When told that the letter has been stamped received by the DIS he said: “If there is a letter it is not with us yet”.

He also denied that on Monday or any other day, there was an attempt on Kgosi's  life.

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