Student commits suicide in Tutume

Student commits suicide in Tutume PIC. FILE
Student commits suicide in Tutume PIC. FILE

FRANCISTOWN: Police in Tutume are investigating a shocking incident in which a 15-year-old Form 2 student was found hanging from the rafters of her family room using a rope in Nkange village.

The student had earlier claimed that she wanted to study alone in her room without any disturbance. According to the acting station commander of Tutume police station, assistant superintendent Lesego Kgosiemang, the student who was schooling at one of Tutume’s junior secondary schools did not leave a suicide note. Kgosiemang stated that before the devastating news, the teen did not show any signs of being stressed out because she spent the whole day in a jovial mood. He shared that on January 18, 2022, the student spent her evening watching her favourite movies and television series with her younger sibling and their steward. Kgosiemang added that at bedtime, the teenage girl requested to sleep in a different room because she wanted to study without any disturbances and she was given permission to do so by the childminder. “During the next morning, the babysitter became suspicious after the young girl overslept because it was unusual since she was known to wake up early in the morning,” Kgosiemang said. The helper, Kgosiemang continued, then went to knock on the door of the room that the minor was sleeping in countlessly but got no response.

“The sitter then forcefully entered the room and to her surprise, she found the deceased hanging from the rafters of the house,” explained Kgosiemang. The teenager was then rushed to Nkange clinic where she was declared dead upon arrival. Kgosiemang encouraged parents to always keep a close relationship with their children so that they can know when they are experiencing problems. Experts say that the most common cause of suicide is underlying mental disorders that include depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcoholism and drug abuse. They also say that financial or other undesirable situations play a significant role in suicide cases.
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