Serowe royals look to court to 'unlock' Kgotla


Bammangwato royal uncles have been trying to convene a Kgotla meeting at the Serowe main Kgotla but in vain. Deputy regent, who is at the helm of the Kgotla now, Kgosi Serogola Seretse and the administration of the day have been accused by the uncles for repeatedly denying them use of the Kgotla to discuss issues affecting Kgosi Ian Khama and also replacing the regent Sediegeng Kgamane.

Following the latest failed meeting over the weekend, the uncles told a handful of members of Morafe that they have since engaged a lawyer who would lead them in pursuing the matter. At least a third time now, the uncles and Morafe would try to make their way into the Kgotla only to be stopped by dozens of heavily armed security officials. They would then retreat and hold their meeting at a homestead not far from the Kgotla to voice out their frustrations at the denial of using the Kgotla. However, last weekend, things turned out differently. After having their meeting request rejected, they attempted to file an urgent application with the courts for the meeting to go through. After an exchange of documents with their attorney, the uncles eventually decided not to proceed with the case and postponed the meeting.

On Saturday morning, The Monitor team drove to Serowe to observe the situation where they found the Kgotla barricaded with steel barriers. While only about five police officers could be seen while approaching the Kgotla, this publication learnt that more of them were behind the Kgotla, awaiting an attempt to hold the 'illegal' meeting before they could pounce. The security officers had little to do as none of the uncles or Morafe attempted to enter the Kgotla. A handful of them met at the homestead where they held meetings before. According to the uncles, they had received a letter from Khama, who wanted them to proceed with replacing Kgamane, who had been out of office for over a year. “We then requested for the use of Kgotla for the consultative meeting. But Serogola responded briefly, stating that the Kgotla was not available for our use. This left us frustrated and we went to see the Police and District commissioners, who we had also copied in our letter. They both told us there was nothing they could do if Serogola had rejected the tour request,” royal uncle, Rasebolai Kgamane said.

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