'Sebina Monster resurrects'


FRANCISTOWN: A man dubbed the 'Sebina Monster' appeared in court on Thursday to face one count of entering Botswana illegally and threat to kill.

The accused, Mgcini Ncube, gained notoriety in the aftermath of theft, arson, rape and murder cases that griped Sebina, Marobela and surrounding villages between October 2012 and April 2013.

He was later sentenced to five years in jail in August 2014 for two counts of arson.

However, Ncube’s sentence was reduced by three years and the time he spent in custody was considered following his initial arrest on August 14, 2013. 

It should also be made clear that Ncube was not implicated in the commission of other offences that members of the public felt that he may have committed save for the two arson charges.

When sentencing the accused at that time, the then Principal Magistrate Thebeetsile Mulalu only made a veiled assumption that Ncube might somehow be responsible for other offences that griped the villages.

Mulalu said when sentencing Ncube: “… Let me note that the accused might be responsible for other cases that happened in Sebina and other surrounding areas. However, I am of the view that it has not been proven beyond reasonable doubt before court that he committed those offences.” 

Mulalu added: “It just remains a suspicion that he might have committed those offences. I will however disabuse my mind of those suspicions. The accused shall be found guilty of matters at hand”.

Ncube was declared a prohibited immigrant after his sentence. There was also a hiatus in the killing of people especially old women following Ncube’s sentence and subsequent deportation from Botswana.

This time, the state alleges that Ncube entered Botswana illegally at the border village of Maitengwe in the Central District in August 2008.

That was nearly two years after he was released from jail in Botswana and deported to Zimbabwe where he comes from.

The state also alleges that Ncube threatened to kill Goganamang Supe at Mafa lands near Marobela. 

Ncube’s threat to kill charge may heighten suspicions among people of Sebina, Marobela and other surrounding villages that he may have been the one who committed other offences that still remain a mystery today.

The people of those settlements are yet to find closure following the heinous and mysterious deaths of their relatives.

Prosecutor Janet Mothowakgosi told Magistrate Kose Makobo that the state was still waiting for consent from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to prosecute Ncube.

She also applied for Ncube to be further be remanded in jail-a proposal the court acceded to.

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