Rasioto is the world's best student

Tshepang Rasioto and parents
Tshepang Rasioto and parents

FRANCISTOWN: A student from Morula Private School, Tshepang Rasioto has been ranked the best in Extended Mathematics globally.

She scooped position one in the 2018 International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) results released recently.

Morula Private School is located in beleaguered Selebi-Phikwe, brought to its knees by the economic misfortunes that saw the closure of the BCL mine which was the heartbeat of the mineral-reliant town.

Besides ranking the best overall achiever globally, the 18-year-old also topped the list in Extended Mathematics after attaining 100%, an achievement which earned her accolades.

The exceptional student got an overall pass of 6A* and 2 As. Amongst the subjects she scooped position one in was the IGCSE History subject in Botswana.

In a telephonic interview with Mmegi, Rasioto was overwhelmed and attributed her success to her teachers and parents.  But above all, she thanked the Almighty for her feat.

“I expected nothing less than a 100% after writing my Extended Mathematics examinations. I felt it in my bones that I was getting all the answers correct. But to be number one globally, took me by surprise. I thank God for I made it,” she said.

The brilliant student said that it was through hardwork and perseverance that she managed to pass with outstanding marks.

She used past papers to prepare for the examinations and made it a habit to study until late in the night in order to improve her results.

The Shoshong-born teenager used to fail core Mathematics when she was in Form Two, but challenged herself to revise and seek assistance so that she could improve her marks.

“I once got 42%  in Mathematics examinations and it was my first time seeing a red mark on my papers. I became so sad tears started to trickle down my cheek but that was a wake up call for me,” she said.

Rasioto then recollected her emotions and set hersself  a what to others would have been a daunting target towards improving her Maths.

Because of working hard, she then realised that she was good in Mathematics just like other subjects if only she changed her attitude towards Mathematics made it difficult for her to revise.

“ I believed that Mathematics was a hard nut to crack. But with time I started focusing on my work and revising it more often which later yielded better results because I started getting merits on the subjects,” she said.

The gifted student said that after her experience with Mathematics she learnt to remain calm so that she did not panic because being nervous often made her confused.

She also engaged in meditation so that she could remain calm in a neutral space before entering an examination room.

She encouraged her fellow schoolmates to always put God first because He would give them strength in everything they do.

Apart from being a bookworm, Rasioto participated in different sporting codes such at netball, hockey where she represented her school both locally and regionally.

She also loves listening to music because it helped in relaxing her mind after an exhausting day.She is now looking forward to pursue her A-levels at Maru-A-Pula school where she aims higher so that she can attain good grades to go to University to study mechatronic engineering or medicine.

Rasioto’s mother, Emily Rasioto was over the moon about her daughter’s performance .

She knew that her daughter would pass the examinations with flying colours but did not expect that she would be the best around the world.

Emily said that Tshephang grew up being responsible since her tender age.

She praised to her daughter proving that she was so hardworking, determined and always put her studies as her first priority.

“She always had the zeal to do everything in her power so that she could get good marks. She is somebody who is not active on social media but rather chooses to be friends with her books,” she said.

The cheerful mother gave thanks to God for He had the power and gave her daughter magnificent blessings upon blessings.

Emily has always taught her daughter to shy way from social ills, which are now a mayor problem faced by the youngsters nowadays.

In his comment, Rasiotos’s Mathematics teacher Benedict Guhu said that he started teaching her when she was doing Form Three in 2017. Her performance and participation in class was impressive at the time.

Guhu said that to his surprise when he went through the class records ,Rasioto got 42% in 2016.

He used his experience as an examiner  back in the 1990s to train the students and they adhered to his approach to teaching.

“Rasioto was a very good, proactive student. When you give their class an assignment, she was the first to submit and seek clarity when she did not understand,” he said proudly.

Morula Private School chief executive officer, Roger Smith said that they were over the moon for Rasioto as she put their school on the global map.

He added that Rasioto has not only represented their school but Botswana and Africa as a whole.

Smith applauded both the teaching and non-teaching staff for their continued crusade of making sure they provided quality services which are very essential in their quest to be the school of excellence.

“Our students are so disciplined and focused on their academic work, which has contributed immensely to the school performance. We also have supportive parents who participate in their children’s school work,” he said.

Speaking about Rasioto, Smith said that she was a well behaved, responsible, punctual and hardworking young woman.

He also said that Rasioto possessed the quality of a leader and led by example as a school prefect and netball team coach.

He added that Rasioto achieved her short-term dream of breaking the record of 2017 best achiever by attaining 6A* and 2A.

For her part, Morula Private School board chairperson Priscilla Park described Rasioto as a calm and collected individual who was hardworking and goal-oriented.

Park said that even though Selebi-Phikwe was currently faced with economic challenges, they have made it a goal to produce remarkable academic results in place of copper/nickel.

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