Police Shoot Suspect Inside His Home

Kegomoditswe Sibisibi. PIC. PHATSIMO KAPENG
Kegomoditswe Sibisibi. PIC. PHATSIMO KAPENG

Members of Mokgosi family in Molepolole will have Friday May 24 engraved in their memories as the day the police came charging into their home with guns to kill one of their own, 36-year-old Selekanyo Mokgosi, in their full view.

Bullet marks are visible on the doorstep, the fridge, the door and there are even more holes on their corrugated iron roof.

According to the Mokgosi family, they are yet to get answers from the police as to why they shot their son. 

The deceased’s mother, Kegomoditswe Sibisibi said she heard two gunshots before she found her son lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

“I had just left to the other house (behind main house) with my ailing brother when I heard Selekanyo running towards the house calling my name. Before I could respond to him, he ran back to the main house. Shortly after that I heard two gunshots,” she said in a trembling voice.

“I went to the house and saw my son lying down and asked the police officer, who was wielding a gun, why he had killed my son. He said he had not killed him, but just shot him on the leg. I told him that he was lying and he said he was sorry, but what was done was done.” Sibisibi said there were two other police officers standing by the kitchen door, while the other shot her son.

“It was really scary. There were children on the scene when this happened. The police then tried to take us to the hospital after calling an ambulance. We refused and they left with Selekanyo’s girlfriend to take her to the hospital,” she said.

The distraught mother said they have been going back and forth with the police trying to get answers. She said the police advised them to look for lawyers if they wanted to open a case against them.

Selekanyo’s nephew, Phenyo Mokgosi said he was there as it all unfolded.

“We had been watching TV and I went to bath. As I went out to dispose of the water outside the house, I saw a car by the gate. I tried to see who it was, but nobody came out and I went back into the house. Shortly after, there was a knock and a police officer wielding a gun appeared and asked where Selekanyo was,” he said.

“I told him he was in the kitchen. Selekanyo then came running holding a knife trying to go out through the front door where I was with the policeman. I tried to stop him, but he pushed past me and then the police officer started shooting.”

Phenyo said he was with Selekanyo’s three minor nephews when the incident happened.

Police spokesperson, senior Superintendent Near Bagali confirmed the shooting.

“The police had gone to apprehend the deceased over a case of threat-to-kill opened against him.

“When the police arrived, there was a confrontation and the suspect was shot. The police who went to apprehend him said he was holding a knife. We have opened an inquest docket to find out what really transpired,” Bagali said. He added that the police officers involved in the incident have not been suspended.

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