Police fail to find abducted woman

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The police have failed to find a woman alleged to have been abducted by a man who disappeared with her into a thicket in the Roman Catholic farm at Kgale in Gaborone.

The incident allegedly  occurred along the Block 9-Kgale View road on Thursday, at around 9:50 am.

Former spokesperson for Standard Chattered Bank and Botswana Life, Ithabeng Letsunyane, alerted the police to the abduction, which she says happened before her eyes, while she was jogging from a friend’s house that morning.

Letsunyane narrated on her Facebook page how the victim screamed for help as the abductor carried her into the thicket. The police soon arrived at the spot with cars and a helicopter hovering over the farm. Members of the community were roped in to help with the search, which hit a snag.

The Station commander of Gaborone West Police Station, Agreement Mabeu, said that so far, their efforts have borne no fruit. He wondered if what Letsunyane saw was actually an abduction. “We combed the whole farm the whole day, but it does not look like there were footprints.

We are beginning to wonder if the abduction took place. Where did the abductor hide? However, we have not given up on the search,” he said.

Robert Kolobe, a street vendor who sells mealies along the road where the alleged abduction took place claims he was still busy setting up tent when the incident occurred, a stone’s throw from him. He said he heard the woman screaming, before her voice suddenly died down. “Once they had crossed into the thicket, there were no more screams. I’m wondering if they knew each other, or he threatened her.

At first it was a bit confusing because the would-be abductor asked his companion to help her carry the woman, but the other man refused and said he did not want to be dragged into their personal business. It was like the trio knew one another,” the vendor said.

Letsunyane facebooked that  she had been in and out of police cars giving statements and helping with the search. She said the incident traumatised her.

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