Police call off alleged abduction search

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Hardly two weeks after a woman allegedly witnessed an abduction while jogging in Kgale, police are yet to file a missing person’s report.

Gaborone West station commander, Agreement Mapeu, said that they have engaged in the search for a possible kidnapping victim but have not been able to establish any leads that might prove the abduction actually occurred.

He said they have now given up the search. “We have not received any missing persons report and we have since stopped dealing with the issue,” Mapeu said.  However, he maintained that once fresh leads are brought forward, they will give the matter more attention.

He added that the police suspect the two people whom the witness saw knew each other and a misunderstanding might have ensued, leading to what looked like an abduction.

However, Mapeu still encourages members of the public to continue reporting any suspicious occurrences. “This should not discourage people from reporting anything that looks questionable,” said Mapeu.

The incident allegedly occurred along the Block 9-Kgale View road on January 29, at around 09:50am.  A street vendor selling mealies, Robert Kolobe, also witnessed the incident. He told police that once they had crossed into the thicket, there weren’t any more screams.

“I’m wondering if they knew each other, or if he threatened her.  At first it was a bit confusing because the would-be abductor asked his companion to help him carry the woman; but the other man refused and said he did not want to be dragged into their personal affairs.  It was as though the trio knew one another,” the vendor said.

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