Picking banks

Mmegi interviewed a few people using the same Customer Satisfaction Index to understand why they choose their banks. Here is what some of them had to say:

Anthony Kibadu (MD - AJK & Associates)
For 13 years I have used Standard Chartered Bank and I'm am now attached to it. When I first joined it, it was a worldwide leader. Since I am a foreigner, there was also that aspect of accessibility. Back then it was ahead of other banks in terms of connectivity. Now its not, FNB is one of the best so far. If I were to switch banks I would look for convenience, less queues and faster transactions and systems. As we speak, I'm not quite happy with Standard Chartered because of their customer service and technology, but I still stick with it because I have a long-term rapport with them. That means I can qualify for many incentives because of my banking record.

Valerie Masundire (BA Social Sciences student at University of Botswana)
I used to bank with FNB for a year and left because of poor customer service. Everyone uses FNB so the queues and transactions are just slow and stressful. Some of their tellers do not even smile. It's like they are being forced to work. This mostly happens when businesses grow - they no longer care about their customers.

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