Orange Prizes Change People’s Lives

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Last week, six people’s lives changed for good as they walked away with prizes after entering the soft cell e-recharge promotion which ran from August to October last year“.

After Soft cell approached us for assistance with the e-recharge promotion, we realised that we can use the platform to boast our sales, so we went ahead and embraced it” said the Regional Sales Manager, Gaborone and South, Olebogeng Segopolo.

Soft cell set aside P15,000 for the promotion that was used on prizes and advertising. The competition had two categories, the sub dealers and street vendors.

Sub-dealers were encouraged to purchase a minimum of P2,000 airtime to qualify, while the other category, mainly focused on increasing soft cell e-recharge sales, encouraged street vendors to purchase airtime for P300 or more from the soft cell points of sale. During the promotion, weekly draws were conducted and customers walked away with airtime and phones.

An excited Hunter Mbongwe, 53, who walked away with the grand prize of an Orange branded kiosk on the sub dealer’s category,  said that the kiosk would definitely change his life.

“This will really help boost my business because I now have to employ someone at the kiosk while I still continue running around with the business.” said Mbongwe adding the kiosk will be located at Block 9

The Kiosk will have an opportunity to register Orange simcards, replace them and offer the Orange money services.

The self-employed Mbongwe who has been running this business for 12 years, pointed out that he sells about P15,000 airtime in a day, as he covers Tsolamosese, Block 9, Old Naledi and Bontleng.

Melody Boy who took the second prize walked away with P2, 000 e-recharge airtime.A broadcasting degree holder, Boy said that she has been running this business for five years after failing to find a job after graduating. She explained that her daily job start at seven in the morning and end around 5:30pm because she fears being  by attacked by thieves.

“I sell close to P3000,00 airtime in a day because mostly I sell to street vendors in the bus rank as I use my mobile tuck shop to do my business. I save the profit and sometimes use it for petrol.” said Boy whose business is located at the bus rank.

The third prizewinner,Obusitswe Mogakwe who walked away with nokia X dual simcard phone that she has been running this business since 1999.  The optimistic Mogakwe said that through the profits that she made from selling airtime and sweets, she managed to buy herself corolla, sold it and bought a Hilux as she intend to expand her business.

The other winners for the street sellers categories, included Jacquline Lesotlo who walked away with e-recharge worth, P500, 00, followed by Golebaone Seiphetlheng who walked away with Alcatel pixi phone and lastly Precious Atlholang who took P150, 00 e-recharge airtime.

However some of the street vendors complained that the e-recharge airtime does not have profit and requires patience to benefit from it. They also appreciated the initiative pointing out that it helps to bring something on the tables.  According to Segopolo Orange subscribers will have an opportunity to try their luck again this year as they plan to do it annually and use it as a platform to bring back to their loyal customers thus growing the business.

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