Ntuane chides opposition on boycott

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Specially elected member of Parliament (MP) Botsalo Ntuane yesterday chided the opposition for their continuing boycott of the debate on the Security and Intelligence Bill. The meeting started with the usual question and answer process. After the ministers answered a number of questions from MPs, business turned to the debate on the controversial Bill. At that point all the 13 opposition MPs walked out of the House.

However, when introducing his suggested amendments to the Bill, Ntuane lamented the fact that the opposition had decided to leave. "By playing to the gallery the opposition is letting not only this House down but the nation at large," he said.

"It would have made more sense that the fellow MPs sit through this process, get their amendments debated and fight for them so they can have an influence on the events rather than boycott. They are missing out on an opportunity to have their views on this Bill heard," said Ntuane. He said the opposition had abrogated its responsibility, warning that despite their boycott "they are going to live under this creature".

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) legislator warned the rest of the House not to celebrate the walkout, explaining that their absence had the potential to deprive the Bill of legitimacy. "It is important to have legitimacy. We cannot just go on as if nothing has happened while a whole group of MPs has boycotted proceedings," he warned.

Meanwhile, BOCONGO executive secretary Baboloki Tlale said while he understands the grievances of the opposition in Parliament, it might be time they joined the debate in order to have an input. "The walkout has had its time. I think the opposition should move back into the House and tough it out. They have the responsibility to represent their voters and they should get back and make their numbers count by having their amendments adopted. The boycott is not helping," he said.

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