No budget for back-up power in schools

Students sitting for an examination
Students sitting for an examination

There is fear that loadshedding will affect school leavers’ final examinations especially in boarding schools where students may not have alternatives to power.

To this, Kgosi Thabo Maruje III called on the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD) to provide back-up generators in boarding schools.

However, the assistant minister Fidelis Molao says the ministry has no money to purchase generators and instead has plans to install emergency light fittings that will provide light when loadshedding occurs.

Maruje had asked the minister at Ntlo ya Dikgosi to consider installing a generator at Masunga Senior Secondary School in order to complement the efforts of the teachers and enable a conducive learning environment.

Responding to the question, Molao said his ministry appreciates the proposal for a generator to be placed in Masunga Senior Secondary School more especially that it is a boarding school.

“This is true for all schools, which suffer loadshedding, but we do not have a budget to procure so much equipment to alleviate the situation.  Instead we are looking into the use of emergency lighting fittings, which will provide lighting when loadshedding occurs,” said Molao.

Maruje argued that the situation should be treated as an emergency that needs to be attended to.

To this, Molao said they agree that it was difficult for students in boarding schools, and would ensure that generators are  budgeted for in the future.

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