New Durex Condoms Target Youth

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A condom manufacturer has set its sights on marketing condoms designed specifically for the youth. The new colourful and beautifully packaged condoms also known as Durex Feels Campus intend to attract young people and motivate them to buy and use condoms whenever they engage in sexual intercourse.

The event coordinator Michelle Phetlhe told The Monitor that Durex Feels Campus activation was a new condom targeted at youth.

“The packaging is vibey, funky, eye catching and affordable. Last year Durex Botswana hosted an event called Just Sex with Esteres where the obligation was to start conversation on sex health in Botswana. When Durex Feels condom came out, we felt, why not continue this conversation with the youth by going to the youth.”

“We decided to come to campuses in Botswana and liaise with the health department on the campuses and say we have new products that we would like to make your students aware of. We can partner with you as the health department and host an activation where we work hand-in-hand,” she said. 

Phetlhe added that they had also partnered with other health stakeholders for HIV/AIDS testing, raising awareness on crime and drug abuse awareness, cyber crime awareness because at the end of the day, all those issues had a common link. She said that they were trying to liaise with as many stakeholders that fall under the umbrella of sexual health and wellness to bring the message to students.

The activation is made up of Mr and Mrs Feels that is Oscar Gobusamang from Colours TV Drama and Sadie Dikgaka of Flava Dome as the star. The duo liaise with students telling them about the products, getting them to be open and have conversations surrounding sexual health and wellness. Phetlhe said they decided to use them because the students can engage a little bit more easily, as they are personalities in their own right. She added that this also gives them time to mingle and take pictures with the stars.

“We know that teenagers engage in risky behaviour. If it’s messing around on roads or taking drugs, we teach them not to because it’s bad for them,” she added. They also have games that keep the activation more interesting and also keep them there for some time so that they can engage in topics surrounding sexual health. Such games include spin the bottle, questions and answers, dance, mhele, elephant’s nose.

This event comes at a good time as the country has joined others in celebrating the Month of Youth Against AIDS. Phetlhe said she felt it was important for the youth to be open in discussing sexual health issues on a daily basis not only on December 1, when the world commemorates World AIDS Day.

Dean of Student Welfare Onkgomoditse Makgonatsotlhe said their university shared the vision of Durex and vowed to continue the sexual health and wellness conversation. She urged students to own their situations and act responsibly.

“A lot of awareness on sexual health should be created amongst the youth. There are still myths on sexual health information so regular information sharing should be facilitated. Youth should learn to open up and ask the relevant questions to be empowered. Once one indulges in sexual acts, he or she must always use a condom,” she said.

Albert Kganetso, a Quantity Survey student said as a concerned youth and citizen of the country, he felt really touched by how young people lose their lives yet they were taught about safe sex, abstinence and were being provided with free condoms. He encouraged the youth to practise safe sex.

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